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One Day It Just Went Viral

Gabi-Red as Blood-poem went viral | iamgabi.comI had done my fair share of creative writing starting at age 7. I had a pretty good run with having my poetry and prose published in newspapers, too. I would write, my family would save the clippings, and life rolled along.

But then, one day in early February, 2015, my earlier creative work was somehow revisited. I found my poem “Red As Blood” published in the London Telegraph and The Guardian. People noticed that a 9 year old had articulated some poetic expression about a serious and deep subject. There was a real fascination with this, and people kept publishing my “Red As Blood” poem, kept the conversation going, and it went viral.

But there are many other less serious poems I have written, including some which have been awarded recognition.  So I felt it was appropriate to post all of my work on this site, and hopefully gather support for my favorite charity – Wings for Crossover.


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