The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

Allie C.
by Gabi Goffman

Allie there is so much I wish I could say to you
You were like my second mommy
You were with me when I was born
And you have been home every day after school
And if I had a bad day or just need to be with someone
You were always there for me
You lied down with me
When nights were cold
Your smiles and eyes make me light up with joy
When I am with you my heart feels so warm
And I feel so calm
The older you get
The sadder you are
Witch makes us all sad
You are my BFF
And one of the best dogs I have and will ever have

Allie Chance Goffman was a survivor.  At the age of 6 months old her 1st owners accidentally ran over leg when she jumped out of the back of their truck.  After that they were going to put her to sleep, they did not want her any more. So our veterinarian in Florida called my mom Marie Goffman and asked her if she would want to adopt a dog, and my mom could not refuse.  Allie is now 12½ year old yellow lab and has lived through seeing all four of Marie’s kids, all being partially like her own.  Even though she is missing her front left leg she has had a wonderfully normal life.  She now lives with a wonderfully caring family who loves her.




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