The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

by Gabi Goffman

Allie chance Goffman is a yellow Labrador retriever extraordinaire!  At 6 months old she jumped out of her owners’ car and they accidentally ran over her front left leg, causing it to detach from her body.  They rushed her to the vet. and thought she looked like “Frankenstein” so they decided to put her to sleep.  We had already had a chocolate lab named Elwood so the vet called us thinking that we would be a perfect mach for Allie.  We adopted Allie and 1 ½ years later our first human child came.  Once the baby came she was no longer a dog, she was a mother even if it wasn’t her own puppy.  She alerted us when the baby would cry, she loved when there was food being dropped on the floor, and she even loved competing with our chocolate lab for the name of alpha dog.  It took people 10-12 minutes to figure out that she only had 3 legs since she was the fastest runner, swimmer, and lizard catcher in history.  4 human pups latter and Allie is now a grandmother.  We adopted a black lab named Jack and Allie is now showing him all of her tricks. She is now 13 and has lymphoma, cancer, and has faced death 3 times.  No matter what happens we will always love Allie, and she will always be our Allie-Bear.



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