The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

A Wild Invitation
by Gabi Goffman

It’s summer! Time to cheer!
Gabi’s 10th birthday is finally here

So pack you pajamas and bathing suits too
For Gabi’s Wild Birthday at the Zoo!

We’ll shampoo the monkeys and kinkajou
Then braid their hair and turn them blue

We’ll start at the Piranha Pool and lounge in the sun
And try to get some fishing done

And for those of us who are still alive
We’ll take the Turtle Truck for a very slow drive

For this is the country called Lion Land
Where the Big Cats sing in a five-piece band

And when the sun dances out of the sky
We’ll know that it’s time to fly

We’ll head to Hip Henry Hippo’s Hotel
To sleep for a night before saying farewell

Hope to see you!


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