The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

by Gabriela Goffman, The Pegasus School, 4th grade
Inspired by Dr. Laura Hathaway

25 years ago today
She started her dream the right way

Around school we would see her smiling face
As she came to every class so full of grace

She would come to every class with a hop in her step
She lead our school with full on pep

She created a place where school is not a bore
But instead where bright minds can soar

She would make everyone feel special in their own unique way
With all the inspiring words she would say

She recruited the best teachers
With all of the best features

She was a magic maker
A full on risk taker

Her battle with cancer is done
And unfortunately cancer won

The Pegasus School will live on fore ever and ever
Thank you Dr. Laura Hathaway for putting this magical place together

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