The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

My Princess Mother is Warm Dark Chocolate
by Gabi Goffman

My mom is as pretty as a princess
Her hair is like the smoothest silk in the land
And soft as warm dark chocolate
Her eyes are sparkly green like an emerald in the sun
She always makes me laugh
When she looks me straight in the eye and smiles
I feel silly, but I know she is proud of me in all sorts of ways
She knows I give 101%
And that’s better than winning

She comes to all my soccer games and gymnastic meets
I see her sitting in her chair
Like an elegant monkey
Her back straight, her legs crossed, and her hand in the air waving
And I know she just can’t wait to see me
To tell me how proud of me she is
She makes me feel as though I have the world in my hands
When I see her, my heart drifts into heaven
And I hear the golden song of the winged creatures of God

My mother is silly as can be
She climbs trees with me
Watches cartoons with us
Makes me shake hands with a stingray
And walks on her hands

My mom makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches
As the cheese sizzles in my mouth
I feel happy being with her
And my heart gets ten times the size
Cause no one is as wonderfully sweet
And that is my princess mother
Who is warm dark chocolate


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