The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

The Day I Was Kidnapped
by Gabi Goffman, age 9

     It was quite an adventure the day I fell out of a pirate ship and landed on a cotton candy cloud.

     “I just fell right-side up!” I cried as I cut through the last rope my pirate kidnappers had put on me with my diamond

bracelet I had gotten for my 19th birthday.

     As I cut the last string, I thought about how I had gotten into this situation.

     You see, I had been planning on going on a cruise to Bermuda, and as I walked to the docks, I saw a sign on a boat

that said, HERE LIES THE SHIP THAT SAILS TO BERMUDA. Grinning, I hopped aboard, only to discover that it was

a mucky old pirate ship!


     5,000 pirates jumped on me and put me in ropes. At least, that was what it felt like. Actually, it was ONE BIG

PIRATE called Soda Can Joe. He tied me to the ship’s mast, then disappeared into the pirate meeting room.

     As the pirates sat in a room to discuss what they were going to do with me, I struggled to escape. Unfortunately, I

couldn’t help overhearing what the pirates wanted to do with me:

     “Feed her to the sharks and gather her bones to sell for toys!” one pirate guffawed.

     “Make her live in Danger Forest with the wolves until they eat her alive!” another pirate argued.

     “Bury her alive in Quicksand Reef!” roared another.

     And then I saw the trampoline sitting on the deck of the ship. It still had the security tag on it, which was how I knew

it was stolen. Now, I would never normally use something stolen, but this was an emergency.

     But how to get to it?

     And then I remembered my diamond bracelet. Sawing furiously, I cut myself from the ship’s mast, hopped towards

the trampoline, and starting jumping for my life.

     I jumped, and jumped, and jumped…until I landed with a splash on a cotton candy cloud. I was so incredibly happy

that I had gotten away from those torturous meanies who call themselves pirates that I rolled into my favorite yoga

position (an Upside-down Happy Frog), and thought happy thoughts—like playing soccer with David Beckham, and for

the rest of my life, I lived happily pirate-free after.

     But wait, that’s not it. After that, I spent weeks stuck on that cloud, and then I met…David Beckham! Who ever

thought he would be on a cloud? Well, he actually owns a vacation home there, on Pink Cotton Candy Cloud Island. We

spent the day playing weightless soccer, bicycle kicking and flying through the air. There is nothing that can compare to

the wonders I had that day. We were starved after playing a wonderful match of soccer. It was tied 5-5.

     “Do you know what’s for dinner?” I asked.

     “COTTON CANDY!” David Beckham cried.

     After we had a cotton candy fight, we plopped down to eat the cotton candy and felt the warm fluffiness melt in our


     Even though I was having a great time with David Beckham, I missed home. Lucky for me, David Beckham’s friend,

Fergalicious, lived nearby in a tall purple house. She had a sparkly purple escape pod that flew back to Earth.

     As I leapt into the escape pod, I hurtled back to Earth. But then, right when we were minutes away from the house,

we ran out of fuel, and as I was singing “Glamorous,” the escape pod tumbled into the Caribbean Sea.

     So I was stuck in the ocean for days eating fish I caught with my bare hands until I found some fishermen. Since I

had only eaten half of my fish, I told the fishermen I would trade the other half of the fish for shelter. So they took me

to their homes.

     Back on my island in the Caribbean Sea, the fishermen offered to buy me a plane ride home because I had caught so

many fish. My secret technique included singing the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You Fish,” “You Can Leave Your

Fins On,” and my third favorite, “”I Want to Kiss You All Over Fish.”

     The fish laughed so hard that they plopped out of the water and into my hands.

     Well, it was time to leave. As I hopped on a plane and flew back to the United States, I remembered the adventure I

had that week—danger with pirates, musical notes with the fish, and fun with David Beckham. But all I know is that

nothing can ever compare to being at home.

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