The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

Halloween Night
by Gabi Goffman

     Once a full moon, there’s a celebration of children parading around the streets. They

dress up in costumes, one and all, but how can you tell which one is a true beast?

     Hi, my name is Izzy, and last night, I experienced the worst Halloween of my life—the one

where I discovered how you tell apart the trick-­o-­treaters from the beasts.

     I was just prancing around Vampire Lane, looking for houses I hadn’t yet visited with my friend

Max. We usually knock on the same doors every year, so this year we decided to switch it up.

This year we went to a town called Scary Beach, and as we were walking and counting our candy,

we admired people whose costumes looked so real.

     Well, there was this one house at 1400 Vampire Lane which had such good special effects that it really

looked as if werewolves and vampires were swirling up and kidnapping the children who passes.

     So naturally, we decided to go investigate and get some good candy.

     As we tiptoed toward the dark gloomy mansion, a bloody vampire with eyes of fire swooped out of

     He landed with a silent thump in front of my friend Max.

     “Oh. Hi,” croaked Max, who was as scared as could be.

     “How do you do?” Izzy yelled excitedly, grabbing the vampire’s hand to shake it firmly.

     “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” Max screamed.

     “I’m just being polite,” Izzy replied huffily.

     We admired his costume just as we had the others, but when we asked to try on his mask, he whispered,

“If you can get it off.”

     We pulled and pulled. Then we realized, there was no mask.

     “Ahhhhhhh!” Max screeched.

     “Come on, let’s have some natural kid fun,” Izzy said calmly. “How about some ice cream?”

     The vampire nodded and beckoned for us to follow him into the house, but as soon as the door slammed shut, he

shoved us into a room. We gasped. The room looked as if it were a factory—a factory of monster making, and there were

monsters and children everywhere.

     Max and I tried to run away before the monsters could catch us in their chains, but it was no use. Soon, we were

fourth and fifth in line to be turned into monsters.

     “So…can I be the monster Ariana in Barbie and the Island Princess?” Izzy asked the nearest

     “Ariana is not a monster,” the beast grunted.

     “She is to me. She’s rude to the princesses,” Izzy declared.

     “Princess Schmincess. Get inside the machine now.”

     They shoved me into a washing machine and slammed the window shut.

     They pressed “Firmly Soak,” “Quick Dry,” then “START.”

     When I popped out, I yelled, “FRANKENSTEIN? You couldn’t even have made me into a decent Ariana? Even a

ghost would have been fine. But Frankenstein?”

     Max cared what he looked like too. He didn’t care which monster—he just wanted to make sure he looked good. At

last, when he leaped out of the washing machine, he howled, “I don’t look good—I look hairy. I look like…like…a poodle.”

     Max was next. He pleaded with them to be merciful, but they disagreed. Max got turned into a werewolf. With his

last final words of being a kid, he cried, “Izzy! Escape while you can!” turned into “Ow! Ow ow ow ow!”

     Izzy was next. She thought of something that would make everything right again. She did what any child would do.

She called 9-­1­-1. As she said her last words, “911, please help us. We’re at Scary Beach at Vampire Lane…ow!”

     As she was talking to the police, her words turned into “Ow! Ow ow o wow!”

     And she was Frankenstein.

     The police tried to trace her call, but it did not work. She was a slave for the monsters for days and days and days.

The monsters used these children to steal money and rob banks. The children could not say no, for the monster were

the only ones who had the antidote. Luckily, the police came, and they arrested the monsters. But the problem was,

before the police could get the monsters in the car, the police turned into monsters too.

     So it was years that our parents were wondering where we were, having search parties. No one had ever thought to

go to what now was an abandoned house.

     As the search party went with a hundred dogs and hundreds of parents wondering where their children were, three

energetic dogs cut loose from their leashes and escaped. They ran into the house. The dogs were so fast and able to

outrun the monsters. The dogs cornered the true monsters and started barking and biting them all over until the

parents came and finally, the monsters revealed the antidote. The kids turned back to normal, and every Halloween,

when the full moon comes out, you can still see the monsters in front of the house, and no one has ever gone to the

abandoned house on Scary Beach on Vampire Lane again.

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