The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

Spelling Story
by Gabriela Goffman

One October night the night of Halloween I saw ghost and witches. One of my best friends

is a witch, but when I saw the ghost and witches there where 4 witches and I did not know which

witch was which. Witches are so mean that was why there where 3 witches’ chasing Francesca

(my witch friend). It was an obstacle course for her to get away from the witches. You see

Francesca is a nice witch. The other witches don’t like nice witches. The other witches are so mean

that they even look mean. Their noses are so big and pointy sometimes they would have warts or

over-sized pimples. Of course Francesca knows she looks nothing like that. Francesca is beautiful. She

has soft bouncy black hair. When the other witches closed in on her she tumbled right to the floor,

and landed near to her cottage in the woods. She had to walk by foot back to her cottage because

her broomstick broke when she landed. In front of her cottage she saw a group of hares. When

she entered her cottage she saw an eye peeking through the gate. Out came a ghost who happened

to be very vain. He scared her so much that her veins turned green and her hair shook. After, she

realized it was just a great and funny Halloween joke. Then we went trick or treating and lived

happily ever after.



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