The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

What Was Wrong with Princess Isabella
by Gabi Goffman, age 9

     It was Princess Isabella’s fourth birthday party, but she was the saddest girl in Ramona

Land. She was sadder than a donkey stuck on a cloud.

     The good King Jeffrey, in an effort to cheer his royal daughter, poked his head out of his

Royal Bedroom and proclaimed, “Hear ye, hear ye! All of the lords and ladies must attend

Princess Isabella’s fourth birthday party.” He was still in his pink potted dotted pajamas and

fuzzy purple slippers, but nobody laughed because he was King.

     All of Princess Isabella’s friends came. Belle leaped out of a cotton candy chariot, all sticky

and pink from eating too much candy. Jasmine almost crashed into the royal fountain full

of piranhas on her chattering magic carpet, and Cinderella rolled in on a giant squishy


     But Princess Isabella was not happy. As she entered the royal garden to attend her party,

she stomped in her sparkly silver slippers all through the mud.

     Her father, King Jeffrey, wondered why she was so mad. But when he asked her,

Princess Isabella did not answer. Through the whole party, there were singing elephants,

fire-­eating dancers and inch­-high Olympic gold medalist gymnasts, but nothing made

Isabella happy. She sat through the whole performance, pouting and drooping and

yawning so tiredly that a whole swarm of bees could have flown into her mouth and she

wouldn’t have noticed.

     Her father became very concerned. What was wrong? As soon as the party was over, he

gathered all the scientists in Ramona Land to study Princess Isabella and give him an


     “She’s just tired,” yawned the Royal Princessologist, whose job was to study princesses.

     “The party was boring. Bring in some fire­breathing bunnies,” said the Fire­bunnyologist.

     But it was the shoemaker who had the real brainwave. “Her sparkly silver shoes are too

tight,” he declared. “Let her walk around barefoot.”

     But the barefoot Princess Isabella was still sad, and her father was getting frantic with

worry. He had no clue what to do. So he gathered the greatest scientists in the world.

     Some came from outer space, some came from Germany, and some even came from

China. The Chinese scientist declared her tiara was too tight. An alien psychologist

declared, “She’s just in a foul food.” And the German scientist, the only smart one,

whispered to the King that she must be missing someone.

     So King Jeffrey called everyone his daughter had ever met, but she STILL was not happy.

     Then, his daughter finally opened her mouth and cried, “Daaaad, don’t you know? I’m

missing my sister.”

     Isabella’s sister, Gabriela, was off in Paradise Island teaching sea turtles and dolphins

how to play sea soccer. So King Jeffrey summoned the Royal Messenger Whale.

     “Take this message to the Princess Gabriela. She is needed immediately.”

     “You know where to put it,” said the whale cheerfully.

     The king gently pushed the note into the whale’s blowhole, and off the whale went.

     Soon, the whale was swimming in the warm Caribbean waters next to Princess Gabriela,

who was standing on top of a sea turtle trying to execute a bicycle kick.

     “Vacation’s over everyone! The Royal Whale is here,” the Princess yelled, flinging back

her long brown heir and holding out her hand for the note. The whale snorted, and out

popped the King’s not asking his daughter to return home.

     As soon as Princess Gabriela read the note, she jumped on her dolphin Sea Ferrari and

powered home.

     “I have to go home immediately. My sister’s upset,” Gabriela said, her brow wrinkled with


     When Princess Gabriela arrived on Sea Ferrari, all the people of Ramona Land cheered.

     “Princess Gabi is home! Princess Gabi is home!” they cried, jumping up and down and

waving flags with their princess on it. Gabi rushed to the palace, flung open the doors,

and gave her sister the biggest hug the Princess Isabella ever received in her life.

     “I’ve missed you so much. Now let’s have a fun party,” Gabi said, looking into her sister’s

happy brown eyes.

     Princess Gabi and Isabella invited all the girls in the land for a giant sleepover party.

There were marshmallows and s’mores and even pillow fights. It was the best party any

girl could have, and that night, the two princesses slept peacefully in each other’s arms.

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