The creative product of author Gabi Goffman.

by Gabi, age 10

One day, my mother cried, “It’s time to get a shot!”
So I ran for my life and begged I wouldn’t get caught

But of course she caught me fair and square
But I was so mad I pulled her hair

She dragged me to the car and locked me in the trunk
And then she screamed, “YOU WIMPY LITTLE PUNK!”

I picked the lock while we were on the road
I could only beg that her car would explode

I ran to my grandma’s house for protection from my mom
But instead of siding with me, Grandma dropped a bomb

“Little squirt, you need to obey your mom in all things
No matter how much torture this rule brings

And that includes going to the doctor to get a shot.”
So then I cried, “I THINK NOT!”

“Grandma Puckingsworth, I cannot go to the doctor today.
I am ashamed of you for talking this way.”

So then I ran right out of the house
And promptly got bitten by a vicious rabid mouse

And now that I got rabies on the spot
I know why I had to get that treacherous shot

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